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Family friendly classes available.

Pre- and Postnatal Fitness

Pre- and Postnatal Fitness

Coach Sarah has studied pre- and postnatal fitness and has experienced first hand (as a mama of two herself) how it feels to exercise while pregnant and during the postpartum period.

Fitness during this unique period of a women’s life is different both physically and mentally, and it’s important to feel confident, safe and healthy while you train.

Here at Nourish & Lift we offer pre- and postpartum fitness programs as one-on-one personal training sessions as well as part of our group fitness classes.

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Small Group Fitness Classes

Personalised coaching in a group setting. 

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Over 60s Group Fitness

Over 60s Group Fitness

When: Tuesday 10:30-11:30 and Friday 10:30-11:30

Where: Nourish & Lift headquarters

Nourish & Lift offers small group fitness classes for the Over 60s. 

Our Over 60s class is suitable for ALL fitness levels. 

Coach Sarah believes that strength training should be an essential part of our lives, especially as we age.

Here are just a few of the benefits of strength training for the Over 60s:

  • Build strength
  • Increase muscle mass
  • Enhance bone density
  • Improve balance
  • Boost confidence

Our Over 60s classes are held in Nourish & Lift’s private studio. 

We keep the class sizes small (max. 10 ladies per class) so we can provide personalised coaching in a friendly and encouraging environment.  

We use a variety of functional fitness movements and training strategies in our Over 60s class, some of which are:

  • Hand weights
  • Seated exercises
  • Body weight movements – squats, push ups, core work
  • Balance exercises
  • Interval training using low impact machines – Concept 2 rower, Concept 2 ski erg and Assault Bike
  • Slam balls
  • Therabands

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